Blood and Taste

Research has shown (using identical twins studied over long periods of time) that our genetic chromosomes change and are adaptive to environmental and life experiences. Based on these findings, my recent artwork is a deeply personal examination within my own family. In creating a sculptural book called Blood and Taste, I have introduced words that describe daily life within our family and the genetic characteristics of my Chinese daughter, Olivia. My interest is both scientific and protective. I will watch how she takes her adaptive behaviors from our environment and frames many of the choices she has in her lifetime. The work is set in an “O” shaped porcelain container with six test tubes of her hair and nail clippings, an “O” shaped book that is sewn shut with words describing daily life and genetic characteristics and a urine specimen bottle to set the book on for viewing. The materials are Chinese red glaze and fishing line, white porcelain, and a variety of translucent materials set against black soft velvet background.

My work is represented by Vamp and Tramp Booksellers.
Sculptural Book Edition, 1 of 4
Materials: cone 9 oxidation porcelain containers and book covers
laser-engraved acrylic lid, test tubes, nails, hair and fishing line.
Overview of Blood and Taste, 2011
Porcelain, Plexiglass, Hair & Nails
Detail of Blood and Taste
Porcelain, Plexiglass, Hair & Nails
Detail of book -Blood & Taste
Porcelain, laser text & Plexiglass
Four Books of Prophase, 2008
Porcelain, Plexiglass and Mylar
Detail of Prophase
Porcelain, Plexiglass and Mylar
All, 2007
Porcelain, Rubber & Plexiglass
Detail of All
Porcelain, Rubber & Plexiglass