In 2011, I had a show along with Janet Williams at the Tampa Airport that welcomed 2011 NCECA conference participants. Immediately after the show was set-up, I was asked to remove some of the work as it was too penile shaped, (they were porcelain test pieces) and yes, they were rather phallic.
On the Tuesday after the conference was over, Dan Molyneux was viewing the exhibition when he noticed a passerby had taken apart one of sculptures to eat a part of it (an ibuprofen). Unfortunately, some of the pills were real and some were porcelain. I never knew if the woman who took apart the work actually ate a real pill or not.
When her family saw Dan taking pictures of them, they called in security, who immediately took apart my work and emptied all of the pieces that had pills in them. When I was called about this, I came and took the art down.
Dan filed a CNNi report of the event. The whole episode is odd, but also alarming and indicative of our cultural lack of awareness and respect for contemporary art.
Tampa Airport Show 2011
overview with censored test tubes
CNNi report image
family discussing what to do
CNNi report image
police reviewing artwork
CNNi images
police dismantle artwork
CNNi Images
dismantled object